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Feb 28, 2011 · "8-Disc Poly Cases" Its a solid DVD like case case with similar deminsions to the original jewel cases.

Perfect for loose discs or replacing broken jewel cases!. For business / Cancel.

The PS1 had no such depth buffer and it was up to the developer to draw all the necessary primitive shapes in the correct order, starting at the back and drawing closer things later.

Sega Saturn or Sega CD replacement game cases PS1 Longbox 10 pack 3.

. Nice thing is that it shares all the same positive perks are the DVD cases without the need to rework or cut apart the jewel case cover art. .


Protect your Final Fantasy Anthology game disc with Retro Game Cases' custom game case designed specifically for Final Fantasy Anthology on the Sony PlayStation (PS1). . May 24, 2023 · The livestream promises a “wealth of new games and new IP” from PlayStation Studios, Sony’s third-party partners, and indie game studios.

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On closer look this broad categorization gets further described as “PS1 pixelated textures low-poly”, which is a bit better, but.

2 days ago · PlayStation clue helps federal investigators solve 2019 homicide.

Your players will be thinking of those mid-90s years while playing your game, at least at the beginning. When those run out, I'll get something like this.

00 $ 20. This is just the second PlayStation Showcase to date.

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PS1 Low Poly Barrel Collection OBJ: Free.
The Big Collection of Commercially Usable Retro 3D Style Assets.

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14 hours ago · The PlayStation Showcase will run for more than an hour, beginning at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on May 24, and it will be available to watch on the official PlayStation Twitch and YouTube channels. login Sign Up Upload. .

Playstation 1 Custom Cases, Games, Accessories, Controllers, Consoles, Cables and Much More!. . The primitive polygon graphics. These cases are very similar to the build of your standard DVD case, but are short so they match up with your existing jewel cases that have survived. Sony PlayStation 1 SCPH-7500 PS1 Japanese.


PS1 Game Case Style Selection. .

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5 Custom Replacement PS1 style PAL Case & Artwork Updated Cases.